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Strains and effects of kratom

A lot of people ask questions about strains and effects of kratom because they feel confuse as there is wide range of variety so here let us tell you each strain and its effects on human body.

  • Bali – effects of Bali are euphoric and it is called a classic version of strains among all the other.
  • Maeng da – it is famous for its energizing properties and it is also a painkiller.
  • Red vein Thai – it is very much similar to Bali but few negative effects.
  • Red vein Kali – it has more opiate like effects and sedation is also its property.
  • Red indo – it is more like red kali and other red strains.
  • Green Indo – it boosts energy and good for relieving pain.
  • Green vein Kali – it is a stimulating strain with pain killing effects.
  • White vein Kali – it has a euphoric effect and more dissociating.
  • White vein Indo – it is more like red indo and has great pain relieving effects.
  • Super indo – it is exactly like Bali but with less euphoric effects.
  • Ultra enhanced indo – if you deal with social anxiety than it is best for you and it has euphoric properties.
  • Super green Malaysian – this will provide less euphoria but more stimulating.
  • ISOL-8 extract – it has caffeine like stimulation.
  • Gold reserve extract – it is very powerful and has many benefits.

All of the above kratom strains except gold reserve extract, ISOL-8 extract and ultra-enhanced indo must be taken between ½ to 3 grams per dose and these three must be taken not more than 2 grams, sometimes even less than a gram is enough for the effects to show.